Seamless Integration: What is the Magic Connection feature?

Seamless Integration: What is the Magic Connection feature?

Enter the Dainese Magic Connection™, a technology designed with riders' convenience in mind. At first glance, it may appear as a small detail, but its impact is nothing short of remarkable. The magnetic system discreetly integrated into the cuff of Dainese selected gloves allows them to be securely attached to compatible Dainese selected jackets. This means no more fumbling, no more worries about misplacing your gloves, and no more compromises on convenience.

Join us as we explore how the Dainese Magic Connection™ transforms your riding experience.

Riding Experience
Short stops and refueling moments are an integral part of the riding experience. Whether you're on a solo journey or with a group of fellow riders, these breaks provide the perfect opportunities to appreciate the scenery, capture memories, and refuel your bike and yourself.

Magic Connection
With the Dainese Magic Connection™, these moments are transformed. Your gloves, an essential part of your riding ensemble, are now always within arm's reach. As you step off your bike, you can effortlessly secure your gloves to your Dainese jacket's cuffs using the magnetic system. It's quick, it's intuitive, and it ensures that your gloves are ready for action when you need them, whether it's for capturing a breathtaking photo, savoring a cup of coffee, or simply stretching your legs.

Here's a list of Jackets that has Magnetic Magic Connection™ System:
1. Ladakh 3L D-Dry Jacket
2. Ladakh 3L Lady D-Dry Jacket
3. Splugen 3L D-Dry Jacket
4. Springbok 3L AbsoluteShell™ Jacket

All the Jackets above are compatible with Karakum Ergo-Tek Magic Connection™ Gloves.

So, the next time you head out on your motorcycle adventure, you can do so with the confidence that your gloves are right where you need them – securely attached to your Dainese jacket, thanks to the magic of the Dainese Magic Connection™. Experience the difference and embrace the convenience that enhances your riding journey.
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