Product Care FAQ

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Product Care

How do I clean my Dainese leather items?

It is important to avoid dirt from building up over time on leather items. Here are some guides to clean Dainese leathers:  
      • Never clean your products with solvent-based cleaners. 
      • We recommend using the Dainese “Protection & Cleaning Kit” to treat your leather. It contains two bottles of solutions:
        - Which helps in deep cleansing the leather, and
        - maintaining the softness and richness of the leather.
      • Alternatively, you can clean the product with a sponge or a clean cloth, accompanied by some cold water and a dash of neutral soap.
      • Avoid direct exposure of heat and sunlight and leave it to air dry completely.
      • Lay the leather to dry on either a flat surface or a suitable hanger.
      • The lining must be washed separately in lukewarm water (not more than 40°C), with a softener free, neutral soap.

Is it possible for you to have my Dainese leather garment cleaned?

Yes, Dainese Kuala Lumpur offers leather cleaning services in-store, alternatively you can contact us at to arrange a delivery to send your garment in. 
The service includes:   
      • Deep cleaning of the leather exterior.
      • Sanitization of the interior.  
      • Leather-nourishing treatment. 
      • Review of safety stitching.   

How do I wash Gore-Tex and D-Dry?

It is important to avoid dirt from building up on fabric garments, dirt may seep between the weave of the fabric over time, making it hard to remove. 
Care instructions for Gore-Tex and D-Dry membranes will include
      • Washing the membranes in lukewarm water (not more than 30°C), with softener free, neutral soap.
      • Rub the membranes lightly. Rough washing may damage the fibres.
      • Remove all protection guards and fasten all zips and Velcro to prevent damage to fabrics or inner lining.
      • Air dry away from direct sunlight and heat.
      • Follow the garment label instructions on each individual product.

How do I wash Gore-Tex and D-Dry?

Wipe stains away with a soft damp cloth. You may use a dash of neutral soap. Since the fluids contain by insects can be quite aggressive on leather, it is best to promptly remove any spots left by insect.  
Oil and insect stains should be:
      • Washed immediately with a soft damp cloth, in gentle circular motions.
      • Dried in a well-ventilated place, away from any direct heat or sunlight.
      • Dried on a Dainese clothes hanger to prevent the garment from creasing or even taking on shapes that are difficult to be re-shaped.
      • Stains should be removed immediately, the longer it remains, the harder it will be to remove them.

How do I clean my boots?

Follow these steps:
      1. Remove any dirt on the outside of your boot by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth.   
      2. Dry the boots away from direct heat and sunlight.  
      3. When the boots are dried after being in contact with water, it is normal for it to feel stiff and dry. You can restore its initial softness by applying the protection cream in the Dainese ‘Protection and Cleaning Kit’.

Do not:
      1. Use a brush or abrasive materials and creams to rub your boots. 
      2. Put your boots out in direct heat and sunlight.   

How do I wash my gloves?

Do not wash leather gloves. You can use a sift damp cloth to wipe of any dirt stain immediately. Maintain the finishing of your glove by applying the leather cream from the Dainese Cleaning & Protection Kit.
For fabric gloves with Gore-Tex or D-Dry linings, it is recommended to:  
      1. Wash them delicately in lukewarm water (not more than 40°C), with softener free soap.
      2. Airdry them in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat. 
      3. Hang gloves by their cuffs, with the fingertips pointing downwards to dry.